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Patient Welcome

On behalf of our entire medical staff, welcome to CitiMed Group online! As a founder of this specialized medical facility, I am proud to continue leading our dedicated team of board-certified physicians and licensed medical professionals as we strive to provide the very best diagnostics and treatment to South Florida's traumatic injury victims.

As you navigate through our online home, you will learn all about how CitiMed works -- from how easy it is to start your treatment, to how closely we track your therapy course and expedite your final discharge. You will see information on all the medical services available at our facilities, and the various medical units that work closely together to help ensure your experience is one of quality care. CitiMed accepts direct referrals from qualified physicians in the medical community, ensuring you receive the best medical treatment possible. On this site, we also made it possible for you to visit any one of our five medical offices from the comfort of your own home, with just a click of the mouse!

When you’ve fallen down the stairs or suffered an automobile accident, you need the right diagnosis, the right treatment and the right pain management strategy. That’s where CitiMed steps in. Our patients come to us hurt, in pain and in need of immediate medical treatment – and we expertly evaluate their situation and provide the solutions they need. The board-certified physicians at CitiMed draw on years of field experience to analyze your injury quickly and stop your pain.

Neurological training places a heavy emphasis on the cause of an injury, and we apply expert diagnostic techniques to pinpoint the source of your problem. We then prescribe individual treatment plans designed to help correct your injury and to manage your painful symptoms.

We also make keeping your therapy schedule easy, with five locations and convenient hours of operations. Our board-certified physicians, advanced registered nurse practitioners, licensed physical therapists, physical therapy aides, medical assistants and licensed massage therapists work diligently with me and with you to ensure your physician-prescribed therapy course is on track, so you EXPERIENCE THE QUALITY of care at CitiMed!

Thank you for visiting us online! I hope you never need to see us, but should you get hurt and require medical assistance, I trust you will choose to "Experience the Quality" at CitiMed.

Sincerely,David Robbins, M.D. Medical Director


CitiMed Specializes in:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Diagnostic Testing (High-Field MRI)
  • Fracture Care
  • Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Neurosurgery