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Orthopaedic Division’s Fracture Care Treatment

A fracture (broken bone) is a painful experience that impacts every aspect of your life.  Many fractures result from high force impact or stress such as falls or accidents. Here at CitiMED, the care and treatment of fractures represents an essential part of what we do.

CitiMED’s Orthopaedic Division now includes Fracture Care Treatment and offers patients the advantage of treating fractures with renowned Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr. John P. Wilkerson, who utilizes the most innovative technologies available combined with sophisticated imaging techniques to produce an effective diagnostic assessment of a full range of fracture and stress injuries.


•      Diagnosis may take place at any of our convenient locations through examination of the injury and the use of X-rays.

•      Advanced Computed Radiography and innovative imaging techniques.

•      Effective diagnostic assessment of a full range of acute injuries (sprains, fractures, derangements).


•      Non-Surgical Intervention (casting, orthopedic splints, orthopedic braces).

•      Minimal invasive {steroid Injections, PRP (Platelet - Rich Plasma)}.

•      Surgical Interventions (internal fixation for fractures, arthroscopy).

CitiMED’s Orthopaedic Division Team’s goal is to relieve your pain, ensure proper healing, and help you return to your daily routine as quickly as possible.  Our team sets itself apart by providing you with expert fracture care coupled with leading-edge technology and minimally invasive techniques. We also demonstrate the ability and willingness to take on extraordinarily challenging fractures and injuries.

Our Approach

At CitiMED, we treat our patients like family, delivering personalized, convenient care with the utmost compassion. We emphasize taking the time to carefully treat each patient to ensure proper restoration of function. Our multidisciplinary team of specialists coordinates your rehabilitative care while outlining the unique aspects of your condition to customize a Comprehensive Rehabilitation Program (CRP) to effectively guide you through your recovery.

If you are suffering in pain due to a fracture or a possible fracture, call us anytime at (888) 810-2455 to arrange for an orthopaedic evaluation.

CitiMed Specializes in:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Diagnostic Testing (High-Field MRI)
  • Fracture Care
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