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Why I started the CitiMED Cycling Team: by Alex Davila, VP of Operations

Published March 30th, 2016 by CitiMed Legal

CONTRIBUTION: CitiMED’s Cycling Team allows us to raise thousands of dollars in support of charitable organizations such as National MS Society, Alzheimer's Association, Mystic Force Foundation, American Cancer Society, and more.  It is inspiring to know that through every push of our pedals we are giving back to our community.

LOVE & CONNECTION: Cycling together as a team allows us to bond, grow our love for one another, and connect with each other.  I've learned that our team shares the same values.  We believe in unity, conscious development, and are all driven by meaning.  We push ourselves to new limits because deep down we know we ride for a reason.

SERVICE: The Team Captain works harder than anyone else on the team.  It is his job to push the team through the wind, stay alert on the road to ensure the team’s safety, and to empower the team to accomplish goals they never imagined possible. Cycling is a team sport unlike any other!  Each member plays a vital role in getting us ALL to the finish line.  The best climber will lead us up the hills, the fastest rider will lead us when we sprint, and we all push each other through the pain to finish together as a TEAM!

PHYSICAL FITNESS: Cycling is an excellent way to get physically fit and maintain an active lifestyle. Cycling requires focus, determination, and commitment. It helps with concentration, mental and emotional health.

CitiMED’s 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive

Published December 8th, 2015 by Admin

Our 2015 CitiMED’s Thanksgiving Food Drive was a great success!

CitiMED is proud to have a team that works hard every year to ensure that our county’s less fortunate families still enjoy a traditional Holiday meal. For weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, our CitiMED Teams in all our locations collaborated to collect as many non-perishable foods as possible. CitiMED also purchased 500 warm meals, and personally delivered these meals and all collected canned goods to homeless and underprivileged families throughout Miami-Dade County. 

On November 29th, employees gathered at CitiMED’s North Miami Beach location and bagged holiday meals for hundreds of families as part of their Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive.


CitiMED’s Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive has grown significantly over the past couple of years. This growth has been the result of generous donors, along with the effort and support of CitiMED’s team members who have contributed both time and money to guarantee the food drives’ success. 

A hearty and warm "Thank You!" to our very generous supporters during the 2015 Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive. We are very grateful for the partnership of the community to help fight hunger this holiday season.